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Object Name Ttun Ttun
Other Name Psalterium
Description Wooden Ttun Ttun and 3 sticks to strike it with; the Ttun Ttun, part "A", is a long wooden box held together by adhesive; "A" has 6 strings that go over the top of the entire box with which are held taut on both sides and are kept up by a wood bridge with a thin piece of ivory on both sides; on one side are knobs connected to the clear wires to hold them down and to tighten them or loosen them, much like guitars with their strings; these knobs are "protected" by a piece of wood on each side that is made to look like these two pieces could be horns on the opposite side of the rectangular like box are 6 holes on top which have one string go through each of them to the side where 6 holes are again drilled and the string is pulled out and knotted to keep tight; the middle has one hole which is large and most vibrations and sounds are brought from and has two six sided stars inside of the hole with one inside the other star; a circle of holes is on the opposite side with multiple holes drilled; on the back is a brand of two names, "Pako Puelles, Karlos Subyana" and are between a branded tambourine and two leaves; Part "B" is one of the three sticks and is one that is only wood, with no coverings; "B" is longer than the other two sticks and is straight but then thins in a conical fashion for the middle third of the stick and the last third it is straight again; "C" is the second longest stick and is darker than the first; it is completely cylindrical until the last third of the stick which then bums out on all sides and gets bigger and the tip is that of a hollow copper pipe that is held in place by two thin sticks and glue; "D" is the shortest stick and has for the first half a shaped handle; the second half of the stick is covered in leather that is rough and is adhered to the stick.
Object Number 2001.003.001 A-D