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Object Name Boot
Date 1870s-Unknown
Description Ankle boot found buried underneath the foundation of the house at 607 Grove Street. The boot is leather, possibly with a wooden heel. The upper part of the shoe laces together above the toe. One strip of eyelets is complete and in tact on the boot. There are 14 eyelets, possibly made from copper. Judging from the top edge of the strip of eyelets, the top edge of the boot was most likely scalloped. The toe of the boot is squared. This boot could have been worn by a woman or a young man. The heel is 1-inch tall, and has nails in the bottom to attach it to the upper. The heel is composed of seven thin layers. The other eyelet strip was also found detached from the boot. It also has 14 eyelets and a scalloped top edge. Two other pieces of leather were found with the boot. One piece is 1.5" x 2", the other is 2" x 2.75". Both have roots grown into the leather. Both are quite stiffened. The smaller piece has a scalloped edge with a double line of holes from stitching, and a folded edge with a single row of holes. The larger piece is folded over onto itself. It also has a double row of holes and a folded edge.

Looking at pictures ca. 1870, it is known that the Jacobs family had a cookhouse where the dining room now stands. This artifact could have come to rest under the dining room in a variety of ways. One theory is that, before the addition to the house, broken glassware, plates, and other items could have been thrown into a trash heap just outside of the cookhouse.

Object Number 2004.038.034