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Object Name Game, Board
Description Game Board that has Parchis, a Spanish version of Parchisi, on one side and The Game of the Goose on the other along with multiple pieces to the games; board seems to be wood underneath the laminated boards for each of the games and is surrounded by a wooden frame that is light in color and held together by staples on each side; the first board is Parchis which is a game that is very similar to Parchisi and has a board similar to it with four triple rows that meet in the middle to form a multi colored octagon in the middle of a white square; each middle row has a different color, and in clockwise go from yellow to green to red to blue and each have their own "Home" or "Nest" in each corner with a circle of the color with the color of a different home having the middle; the outside rows on each side are full of numbers and go around the board for a total of 68 non colored numbered squares; on the opposite side is The Game of the Goose in Spanish, just like the opposite was in Spanish; the name o the game in Spanish is in the middle as "Juego De La Oca" and has 63 squares going around in a spiral with the small numbers on the outer circle; an illustration is on each of the numbers and range from blue giraffes to skulls to geese and all mean different things in the game and are not just for decoration; the middle number 63 is bigger than the rest and shows a goose with its eyes closed pointed toward a small version of a skyscraper in a pond that is technocolored, along with a weird upside down triangle sculpture in the background and there is a cascading waterfall or fountain to the left;
the Board is part "A"; a small white cardboard box which is falling apart is "B";
"B"is rectangular and has a lid that is part of the box and opens up at one side; this box is meant to hold items for Parchis and has those items printed on the sides and top of the box in blue and red; the top has the board in blue and red and a dice cup on each side; the sides have dice and pawns, which are the disc-like objects that are the pieces in this game, all around; the sides are bent up and glued down and are meant to hold the front and back together; the back has ripped all the way from top to bottom so the box can no longer hold objects;
"CDEF" are all the same as they are all barrel shaped dice cups with beveled strips close to the top and bottom with the top having no lid and the bottom permanently sealed; to distinguish, they are different bright colors and are used for the different sides to roll the dice in the game of Parchis;"C" is Blue, "D" is Red, "E" is Green and "F" is Yellow;
"GHI" are all very similar also as they are all pawns to play both games with but mainly for Parchis since two are of the same color; all are playing pieces that are small and disc like in appearance and are thin; "G" and "H" are both blue with "G" being smooth and no just slight wear visible in a whitish line near the edge on one side; "H" is blue also but has more wear and has lines of wear on both sides; "I" is a red pawn and has almost no ear on it at all;
"J" is four small dice that have some wear and slight discoloration on them and have worn edges; they are very similar and are catalogued as the same letter since it is nearly impossible to tell them apart; all of items "C" through "J" are plastic.
Object Number 2009.068.001 A-J